Poison of Prophecy

Poison of Prophecy is a story about fortune telling, prophetic tropes, exploring and surviving a frozen fantasy wilderness steeped in Norse Mythology until fully saturated and with just a bit of milk and sugar to cut through the bitterness. In this tale we’ll be having a whimsical and fun time digging into some of the silliness that comes with prediction in fantasy literature and mythology. We’ll be playing around with these cliches using the Ryuutama “Natural Fantasy” role playing game system by Kotodama Heavy Industries which has been lovingly translated by Matt Sanchez and Andy Kitkowski.

Our cast for this story is…

Paul Harpring as Clive the Farmer

Barbara Perez Marquez as Yesena the Fortune Teller

Jen Vaughn as Larkspur the Courier

and Matt as the GM/Ryuujin

Character art is on the way!

As always there will be episode and news updates on twitter as well @thecrowdex

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