The Crow’s Codex is a series of stories told via Tabletop RPGs played by real people. In each tale the characters and players will be different, and you can expect new systems along the way as well!

Our current story is Poison of Prophecy: A story about traveling across dangerous lands and discovering the weird way predicting the future has shaped a culture and the very landscape. Join us as we take a humored romp through a land which is the literal product of stories from the Poetic Edda – the mythic poems of the norsemen!

In the backlog we have Curse of Lords: a story of self identity, existentialism and folks in power doing bad things with the intention of doing good. You can find Curse of Lords on our podcast feed. Search up Curse of Lords on your favorite podcasting app, iTunes, Spotify, iHeartradio and anywhere else podcasts are free! You can find art, character/player info and stream-ready episodes directly on the website as well at

Thank you for passing on by our website here and we look forward to bringing a new story, Poison of Prophecy, to your ears soon!

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