Leotmaers of Yarmouth

How far would you go to save yourself?

What would you sacrifice for the sake of your own health?

What would make you give up? What would be too far?

Leotmaers of Yarmouth is a dark delve into the experience of chronic sickness, and a literal dungeon delve into the the worst things we deal with while clinging to hope.

Using the Shadow of the Demon Lord game system by Schwalb Entertainment, join Ylva the Jotun warrior, Shadow of the Mountain the Elven Oracle, and Zak the feline burgler as they struggle towards the only thing they know will make them better.

Unlike other productions, Leotmaers of Yarmouth features a blooper reel with each episode because, while the game and story are dark and terrible experiences, we are actually all a bunch of massive goofs.

Listen below or on your podcatcher of choice!

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