Welcome to The Crow’s Codex

What is the Crow’s Codex?

This is a slowly growing collection of collaborative stories with often similar themes of being down on your luck, in rough and tumble worlds, and most importantly – discovering the secrets hiding out there. A series of tales about people trying to make sense of the world. A podcast of tabletop role-playing games used to tell a story together.

The longer answer?

The long way around starts with simpler beginnings. Originally the codex, or at least the podcast feed, was simply one podcast story. Curse of Lords is a tale of uncertainty, mystery and philosophy. At least it was a story that asked some philosophical questions. Originally there was no certainty about how far the podcast feed was going. After Curse of Lords ended, there was intention to continue making collaborative stories with fun and cool people.

Ultimately when the second story began to form and become a reality, it became less and less associated with the original Curse of Lords. In fact it was important in many ways to differentiate what came after from the original story. What was intended to be said had been said. The story had reached its conclusion. On top of that, it became more difficult to spend so much energy on topics that were so dreary as the original story. There needed to be a change but one that did not throw out what was already on the plate. A change that signaled that there were more stories with a similar style but not the same subject matter.

A rather obvious icon of Curse of Lords was the crow. Or less exactly, corvids in general. Being a fan of alliteration, a term was sought out that would mean a collection of works. Codex worked well enough, so thus the original feed changed from being simply the Curse of Lords feed to being the Crow’s Codex feed. That is how we got where we are today!

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